Author - Fabian Illanes

Backpackers wearing bug out backpacks hiking up a mountain

5 Must-Follow Guidelines to Choosing the Best Bug Out Backpack

I think you’ll agree with me that choosing the right bug out backpack is a difficult decision. In this guide, we break down the pros and cons of many popular styles, Along with choosing from many different styles, there’s also the difficulty of finding the perfect fit for your unique body shape. Well, it turns out that this decision could be dramatically simpler if you take proper measurements, and understand how different features can help you with comfort and utility while bugging out. In [...]

Soldiers with a survival mindset rushing a white sand beach

Survival Mindset – Physical and Mental Preparedness for TEOTWAWKI

“We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.” Thomas Edison “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin Neither of these great American men could have predicted the kind of threats we face today. But these ideals remind us not to rely on good luck to save our asses and that most people’s successes aren’t the result of “luck”, but of preparation. This is a core value of the preparedness lifestyle. I’ve personally built these ideals [...]

Man standing in front of his bug out location while watching the sun set

9 Essentials for Choosing the Perfect Bug Out Location

Many preppers agree that being in an urban area when society goes south is not ideal. For those who have the desire and resources to secure a bug out location, there are a lot of things to consider. After all, the reason to have a bug out location is to get away from the chaos and potential danger a SHTF situation can generate. With that in mind, what follows is a list of critical must-haves you need to consider when [...]

Bug out vehicle Land Rover parked near a lake with water sporting equipment next to kayaks

The Bug out Vehicle – How to Turn Any Car into the Perfect Survival Machine

If you have made plans to bug out should disaster strike or a society-changing event happen, then you are one step ahead of many preppers. Ideally, you have your bug out location chosen, stocked, and ready to go at a moment’s notice. At this point, there’s only one question remaining. How are you gonna get there? In other words, do you have a bug out vehicle that is ready to take you to your bug out location? Is it properly [...]