Author - Roman Zrazhevskiy

Security cameras and barbed wire to burglar proof your home

Top 7 Strategies To Burglar Proof Your Home

In this article, I’m going to teach you the top 7 strategies I used to burglar proof my home, after I learned my lesson the hard way. After a break-in to my apartment a few years back, I was stunned and thought “where did I go wrong?”. And after a thorough investigation with the help of a security expert, I found weaknesses in my security plan and decided to do something about it. The possibility of your home being robbed of [...]



One of the most stressful and critical situations the average citizen can experience is an adversarial contact when dealing with police. Such mistakes or over-reactions can have tragic consequences. At the very least, your liberty could be interrupted temporarily or indefinitely. At the very worst, your life could be ended. Just how dangerous is contact with the police? Well, that depends on a lot of factors. Your own preconceptions also come into play. All too often, law enforcement officers are seen [...]

Banner for The Ultimate Bug Out Bag Checklist

Ultimate Bug out Bag Checklist – 223 Proven Essentials for SHTF (+PDF eBook)

This is the most complete bug out bag (BOB) checklist on the Web. Period. In this guide, I’m going to teach you the strategies we use to build bug out bags at Ready To Go Survival …module by module.  As you can imagine, putting together a bug out bag list for your personal situation is no easy task. Your goal is to build the best bug out bag, but when you scour the Web, it seems like there are thousands of [...]

Homemade weapons on black background

12 Homemade Weapons You Can Build to Defend Yourself [+Videos]

There’s a good chance you already have an adequate supply of weapons set aside, or you are in the process of collecting them. However, it’s important to consider homemade weapons, as well. In fact, even in today’s world, homemade weapons are becoming more prevalent. Unfortunately, these are often used by criminals or by prison inmates, but homemade weapons can be very valuable to anyone preparing for disaster and societal collapse. Homemade self-defense weapons can help with the defense of your [...]

Lineup of the best concealed carry handguns

10 Best Concealed Carry Weapons for Everyday Protection

Having a concealed carry weapon means you have protection wherever you go. When the SHTF, having the very best concealed carry weapons will be incredibly important. However, that doesn’t mean concealed carry isn’t a necessity or a desire today. The National Firearms Survey, administered in 2015, found that 9 million people carried a loaded handgun at least once a month, and 3 million of them carried a loaded handgun every day. By May of 2017, more than 15 million Americans [...]