Author - Roman Zrazhevskiy

Demonstration of how to pick a lock

How to Pick a Lock in 3 Easy Steps [Guide + Videos]

You know that sinking feeling you get when you lose your keys? A few years back, I went on a weekend “bug out” camping trip with a group of friends to test out new gear, train, and get nature time. Coming home on Sunday night, I was excited to get back to my bed and finally get some rest. As I prepared to enter my apartment, I rummage through my BOB only to realize that my keys were missing. Although untrained in the [...]

North Korea testing an ICBM on the hillside

SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 9 (July 7th, 2017)

This week on SHTF News, wildfires and tornadoes sweep through the Midwest, North Korea tests it’s first successful ICBM, and China warns the U.S to stay away from their islands in the South China Sea. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video: 00:00 – Dozens of tornadoes sweep across Midwest 00:15 – Fast-moving wildfires rage in western U.S 01:17 – China floods Dozens killed, more than a million evacuated – BBC News 01:43 – Landslide kills three people in China 02:22 – At [...]

Russia threatens US fighter jets in retaliation for downed Syrian jet

SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 8 (June 22nd, 2017)

This week on SHTF News, Russia sends a grave warning to the U.S, threatening to shoot down American fighter jets in retaliation for downed Syrian jet. Wildfires and torrential rainfall sweep through several countries, collapsing building and causing thousands to evacuate. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video: 00:00 – Russia sends warning that U.S aircraft to be viewed as targets after Syrian fighter downed 01:05 – US Tightening Of Sanctions Causes Russia To Cancel Talks 02:46 – U.S. blames North [...]

DIY home security system showcasing a reinforced fence

7 Ninja Like DIY Home Security Tricks to Protect from Unwanted Guests

It was a warm summer evening in Brooklyn, NY,  and I was out with my finance friends talking about the future of BitCoin (right after the first bust). When I got home, I proceeded to open the door and realized something strange. It appeared that my door was barricaded shut. I went around the back and saw one of the windows opened. It was at that moment that I realized what had happened. My apartment was burglarized. Yes, me, the founder of [...]

President Putin sits down with Megyn Kelly for a candid interview

SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 7 (June 8th, 2017)

On this episode of SHTF News, NOAA and FEMA warn Americans to prepare for a tough hurricane season. Terror strikes sweep through Europe and the Middle East, and President Putin opens up about his thoughts on American media. Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video: 00:00 – NOAA, FEMA prepare for tough hurricane season 01:15 – Massive Calif. landslide could close iconic highway for a year 01:57 – State of emergency declared for Louisiana’s coastal land 02:51 – Sri Lanka calls for [...]