Author - Samantha Biggers


17 Outstanding Examples of the Bowie Knife

If the Bowie knife is not the most popular knife design globally, it is certainly near the top. Even if you are a complete beginner in the world of knives, I bet you’ve seen a bowie online or in a movie. Bowie knives make an excellent addition to a bug out bag. What makes a knife a “bowie”? The bowie was originally designed as a fighting knife. Over the years, the bowie’s potential for other uses such as butchering and bush [...]


Top Tactical Shotguns For Home Defense

A tactical shotgun is a firearm for home defense and sport. In this article I highlight some of the top tactical shotguns on the market. I include tactical shotguns from many manufacturers and price ranges, so there’s something for every defense budget. Note on Price and Availability Right now, it can be difficult to find specific firearms. That does not mean that nothing is available. It is pretty clear that supply is limited, and sometimes, the less common brands or the [...]


Quarantine and Clean Room Gear & Setup

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many to decide that they need a personal plan for decontamination. The fact is, there are plenty of situations in which you might need a decontamination area or a place to clean gear. Any virulent disease is a valid reason for a decontamination room and quarantine area. This article concentrates on protocols for disease. Although some of the gear is suitable for a nuclear incident, or could be used for one, the methods for decontamination and [...]


Top Tactical Pens for Defense and EDC

As a writer, I have always loved a good pen. As a preparedness and survival writer, I like that there are tactical pens. I was skeptical about what such pens could do when I first learned about them. To me, it seemed like another way to get us to buy anything with the word “tactical” in the label. I changed my mind. What sealed it for me was using a tungsten tip to break a window. I used a tip on [...]


Water Distillers and Distillation Tips

Distillation is a valuable skill for any person to have. You can also use water distillers for other types of distillation. This article will show you how to distill water with basic equipment. Just how basic are we talking? You can distill water with fire and a tarp if you have to or, during an SHTF situation, just a few scavenged water bottles. Let’s start with homemade or emergency water distillers, and then we’ll move on to more elaborate and professional-grade equipment. Don’t [...]