Author - Samantha Biggers


How To Make Pemmican and Hardtack, the Perfect Survival Foods

Pemmican is an old survival food that helped many people stay out in the woods longer or get through a hard winter. Hardtack is a very dry cracker that will last for decades and was a staple food for sailors and soldiers throughout history.  What is pemmican made from?  Traditional pemmican is a combination of dried meat that has been very finely cut or powdered and mixed with fat and dried fruit. Spices and salt are added for flavor. Other ingredients could [...]


The Ultimate Fall and Winter Preparedness Checklist

It’s starting to cool off out there. While we enjoy the last breath of summer weather and start to enter fall, it’s an excellent time to start checking items off your fall and winter preparedness checklist. As we head into winter, many parts of the world, especially the USA, are experiencing high levels of civil unrest. Many businesses have closed or are shut down due to the pandemic. People are flowing out of the cities—many permanently. Settling down in [...]


Freeze-drying Food at Home

Freeze-dried food ranks as the most delicious and high-quality survival food out there. However, the downside is the cost. Recently, the availability and quality of home freeze dryers has improved. This article will give you an overview of freeze-drying and details about the home freeze dryers that are available so that you can make an informed decision. Although freeze-drying is an amazing food preservation method, it is not for everyone.  Advantages of Freeze-dried Food  High quality Preserves nutrients better than canning Long shelf life. [...]


Putting Together the Ultimate Bug Out Trailer

Many city dwellers are making the decision to leave due to civil unrest and riots. Some made the decision to bug out due to COVID-19 alone but the addition of civil unrest has led many to leave temporarily or for good.    Bugging out in a trailer is a choice that many have made. There are many advantages to trailers during a SHTF situation.  Mobility  Lower cost than buying a home or property  Can be easily customized  Blends in—no one thinks much about someone pulling a camper or [...]


Improving Your Home Defense and Personal Safety with Window Security Film

You never know what’s going to happen. From civil unrest, fire, industrial accidents, and explosions to everyday burglaries and theft, it can seem hard to find effective and affordable ways to make your home more secure. Window security film is a layer of transparent plastic sheeting that is applied to a window. The sheet strengthens the window and prevents it from shattering on impact.  Thickness matters The thicker the film, the more impact resistance and protection it provides. Thicknesses typically range from [...]