Author - Samantha Biggers


Top Tactical Pens for Defense and EDC

As a writer, I have always loved a good pen. As a preparedness and survival writer, I like that there are tactical pens. I was skeptical about what such pens could do when I first learned about them. To me, it seemed like another way to get us to buy anything with the word “tactical” in the label. I changed my mind. What sealed it for me was using a tungsten tip to break a window. I used a tip on [...]


Water Distillers and Distillation Tips

Distillation is a valuable skill for any person to have. You can also use water distillers for other types of distillation. This article will show you how to distill water with basic equipment. Just how basic are we talking? You can distill water with fire and a tarp if you have to or, during an SHTF situation, just a few scavenged water bottles. Let’s start with homemade or emergency water distillers, and then we’ll move on to more elaborate and professional-grade equipment. Don’t [...]


Top 10 Best Brands of Tactical Boots

Everyone needs a good pair of boots if they want to be prepared. We all get used to wearing whatever we want. I’ve met plenty of people who don’t own a pair of shoes appropriate for walking a few miles or doing manual labor. Cost There are some excellent American-made boots available, and I encourage you to buy a pair if you can afford them. Remember, you get what you pay for—unless you happen to catch a good sale. Some companies [...]


11 Tactical Flashlights for EDC and Rifles

Tactical flashlights are useful for many tasks, so stashing them in various places can be helpful. You never know when you’ll need a little extra light to perform a task safely and efficiently. Not all lights are the same, nor is any light perfect for all functions. In this article, we will explore a wide range of tactical flashlights from the basic “throw in the kitchen drawer” variety up to high lumen output lights and those that can be [...]


Election Season Prep Checklist

Note: Link to pdf printable checklist at bottom of post. Dear RTGS Readers, During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have found myself going over lists many times because it is easy to dip into your reserves and not replace things. A good example of this is trash bags, flour, and some spices. I bought extras of all those things when we first started getting some reports from Wuhan about the virus. We stopped going to the grocery store on January 31 and [...]