Bug out vehicle Land Rover parked near a lake with water sporting equipment next to kayaks

The Bug out Vehicle – How to Turn Any Car into the Perfect Survival Machine


Be sure not to leave water in your car when it gets too hot outside. The plastic in the bottles might leak and contaminate the water.


Why should I always have my vehicle ready for an emergency?

Natural disasters, accidents, and longer events are all reasons to keep your vehicle stocked and ready to go. Being prepared now means that you can evacuate a dangerous area faster.

When should I bug out?

Generally speaking, bugging out is something you should only do when conditions are deteriorating fast enough that where you are at will soon not be safe for you or your family. This is a decision that you have to make based on your own instincts and comfort level. In some emergencies, it is better to stay where you are and shelter in place.

What vehicles are EMP proof?

There is a lot of debate about vehicles and their level of EMP resistance. A lot of experts recommend vehicles from no later than the 1980s. You can EMP proof a modern vehicle using an EMP Shield device.

MEET Roman Zrazhevskiy

Roman is a notable figure in the sphere of emergency preparedness and has been featured in various news broadcasts, publications, and documentaries to weigh in on the subject. He has made multiple appearances on HBO, BBC, CBS, and other media outlets to provide insight on the critical importance of readiness under all circumstances. When he is not hard at work being the CEO of Ready To Go Survival and MIRA Safety, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, shooting, handball, and scaring his neighbors by taking out the trash in full MOPP gear.

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