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The Get Home Bag—Everyday Carry Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without


How is a get home bag different from a bug out bag?

A get home bag is designed to have the essentials you need to get home from your job or school. It may be lacking in some very long term survival items. A bug out bag is generally designed for at least 72 hours of survival and often for weeks.
A get home bag is usually lighter weight, with all items fitting in a standard-sized backpack. Those with very long commutes or that travel a lot for work may want more comprehensive bags than those that work or go to school less than 25 miles from home.

Is a get home bag really necessary?

There are many reasons why you might need a get home bag. Natural disasters, accidents on the road, or even just a vehicle break down could leave you stranded for a short to a moderate period of time. A get home bag ensures that you can meet your basic needs and remain more comfortable until you can get home or at least get to a comfortable and suitable place to stay until conditions improve.

What should I add if I often travel with children or pets?

If a child is old enough, you should have a small get home bag for them. You may have to include some supplies in your own bag to help take care of their needs too.  Pets generally don’t need much. A few days of food and a collapsible water dish might be a good idea. Some pets may be able to carry their own supplies with a dog backpack. Remember to be careful and not overload bags for kids or pets.

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