‘Tis the Season to Prep – Top 15 Gifts for Survivalists

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If you hate shopping for presents as much as I do, you’ll definitely enjoy this article. Although the first thought is “anything related to prepping makes a good gift”, hear me out. There are a number of things to worry about before buying the perfect one.

When considering gifts for survivalists, you have to look out for the price, and you have to take into account their level of preparedness. Most of all, you need to think about what they already have as well as possible holes in their prepping plans.

So before I give you the suggestions, let me give you the list of questions to ask yourself…

What’s my budget?

What are some of the things he or she are interested in? For example, are they into guns? If so, a gun accessory would probably make them a lot happier than a knife or a multi-tool.

What are some of their holes in their prepping plans? If you think they could use a multi-tool, in their EDC, problem solved, even though they might appreciate another survival knife more.

So, without further ado, let me give you my list of things that I think would make some great gifts…

#1. A Personal Water Filter

The Sawyer Mini and Lifestraw are around 20 bucks and can purify more water than you can drink in a year. Their compact size makes them a great addition to any bug out bag.

#2. A Gun Accessory

Gun enthusiasts will definitely love shooting and gun accessories. Whether it’s a holster, a concealed carry purse or even a few extra magazines, you can always find something that’s under 20 bucks. You should probably not buy a whole gun unless you know that person really well and know exactly what they think is the best gun for them.

#3. A Hand-Crank Flashlight

I got a few of those recently and I absolutely love them. All you have to do is keep pressing a button to generate electricity. You don’t need batteries or the sun and the best part is, they are LED.

#4. A Portable HAM Radio

Since the communications aspect of survival tends to be overlooked by many preppers, why not get your loved one more prepared by getting him or her a portable HAM radio, or, at least a walkie-talkie?

#5. A Multi-Tool

This is yet another great addition for bug out bags, get home bags and even EDCs. Those made by Leatherman and Gerber have the highest quality, though feel free to do your own research and compare.

#6. A Water BOB

This cool invention is nothing more than an oversized plastic bag that you put in your bath tub, attach to the faucet and fill with water in case of an emergency.

#7. A “Survival Phone”

These rugged phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Active line of phones are specifically designed for outdoorsmen. They are shock-proof and water proof, perfect not just for bug out bags but even edc/daily use.

#8. A Bivvy Bag, Poncho or Tarp

This should cover basic shelter needs, but you have to know what your loved one already has. Tarps can also be sued around the house for a variety of things such as butchering an animal or collecting rainwater. If you don’t know what a bivvy bag is or how to use it, fear not. This article will help.

#9. An EDC Wallet

Unless your friend or relative is a fashion addict, a Maxpedition organizer will make a fantastic gift. You’d be amazed of all the things you can fit in there.

#10. Band-Aids

You can never have too many bandages. One thing, though, you might not want this to be the only thing you get.

#11. An Emergency Radio

Nowadays they make radios that are hand-crank, absorb solar energy and allow batteries. They aren’t just radios, they also charge your phone, act as flashlights and lanterns, they have blinkers and even sirens.

#12. A Window Breaker/Seatbelt Cutter

This is another cheap little survival item most people never consider. Just yesterday I read about a taxi falling into a river. The passenger somehow managed to break the window and even pull the driver out.
Shows not just how useful such a device would have been but also that SHTF can happen even when you’re in someone else’s vehicle.

#13. A Camping Shower

These interesting items work by filling them with water and hanging them up in a tree. Obviously, the water pressure is not that high, but they help you stay clean while bugging out and that’s all that matters.

#14. A Paracord Bracelet

The name says it all, you get to wear Paracord for any emergencies that may arise.

#15. Books!

If you don’t know what your friend is missing in his survival arsenal, you can play it safe and get him a survival book, preferably one he can hold in his hands, not in electronic format. I suggest you pick something more advanced as he may already have the classics such as The Prepper’s Blueprint or One Second After. You can look for books in these areas:

  • Survival medicine
  • Wild edibles
  • Permaculture
  • Raising animals
  • Water purification
  • Woodworking

Things You Probably Shouldn’t Give as Presents

Some things are either risky or make bad presents, so you might want to avoid:

  • Clothes (you might get the size wrong)
  • Bushcraft knives (you might get a brand they don’t like)
  • Food or medicine (who wants food as a present?)
  • Tents
  • …or anything that is for the both of you if you’re a couple. You want something for him or her alone to enjoy.

Let us know what you got your loved preppers in the comments below!

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