How To Make Pemmican and Hardtack, the Perfect Survival Foods

Fun Fact

The word pemmican is derived from the Cree pimikan, meaning “manufactured grease.”

Oldest Hardtack

The oldest known specimen of hardtack was baked in 1851. It is displayed at the Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, Denmark.

Eating Civil War Era Hardtack

People have found hardtack that was made for soldiers during the Civil War and eaten small pieces of it. Supposedly it tasted like moth balls.


How do you know if your pemmican is contaminated or has gone bad?

Rancid fat smells really bad so that is an indicator that you should not eat your pemmican. Any sign of mold means that something is wrong and the pemmican should be disposed of.

How many calories are in a pound of pemmican on average?

Around 3500 calories.

Around 3500 calories.

If pemmican is just made with meat, fat, and salt then it is definitely ok for dogs and cats. The only reason pemmican would be potentially toxic to dogs and cats is if you add any herbs or fruits they are sensitive to. Grapes are not supposed to be fed to dogs for example but blueberries are ok.

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