Upgrade Your Mask With a PAPR (Personal Air Purifying Respirator)


  • Compatible with all NATO 40 mm threaded filters
  • Very affordable
  • Exceptional quality
  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • Operates up to 12 hours on 8 AA batteries
  • Slim profile means it can be used in tight spaces


  • Does not provide airflow above 90 l/minute. Although this is plenty of airflow, some PAPR units that are used with hoods provide much higher airflow rates.


  • Highly renowned brand 
  • Made with the best materials
  • Adjustable flow rate of 170−210 l/minute
  • Long-life battery
  • Can be used by those with glasses or facial hair without affecting protection or comfort
  • Pre-filters and odor filters are available for increased comfort


  • Expensive
  • Filters not included
  • Uses special batteries
  • The Dräger is a highly regarded PAPR with a price tag to match. At around $1,700, it's quite an investment.
  • The lithium-ion battery lasts up to 16 hours at 190 l/minute air flow. 


  • User interface alerts you when the battery is low or the filter needs to be changed.
  • Storage and cleaning kit allows the blower and battery to be fully submerged for easier and more thorough cleaning.
  • Can be customized for fit and comfort. A lot of 3M headgear, filters, and tubes are interchangeable.
  • Durable face shield offers great protection from sparks and debris.


  • Price
  • Proprietary filter type
  • Weight. This PAPR weighs 12.9 lbs!


  • Affordable
  • NATO 40 mm threading accepts many filter brands, including MIRA's broad selection of filters.
  • 180−300 l/m adjustable airflow


  • Lithium-ion battery pack takes 3−4 hours to charge.
  • Only 5−8 hours of run time per battery pack
  • Comes with particulate filters. Other filters must be purchased separately.
  • Battery cannot be replaced


What are the main benefits of a PAPR?

A PAPR allows you to wear your filters on your belt, keeping weight off your face. It creates a positive pressure environment so your mask seals better. The battery-powered air flow makes it easier to breathe, especially when doing strenuous activities.

Can anyone use a PAPR?

Yes. In fact, a PAPR makes it possible for people who normally can't to wear a full-face respirator. Children and older adults with smaller lung capacities can breathe easy wearing a PAPR. Some PAPRs, like the MIRA MD-90 are extremely lightweight, so they're not cumbersome for those who can't carry a lot of weight.

How well do PAPRs protect against viruses like COVID-19?

When a PAPR is used with the right filter and face piece/gas mask, they provide outstanding protection from viruses, including COVID-19. The positive pressure environment created by the constant airflow ensures that masks have the best seal possible from all particles.

Are PAPRs comfortable?

Many people find a PAPR system a lot more comfortable than a traditional gas mask because they don't have the weight of the filters on their face. The increased air flow makes it easier to breathe.

Can you have facial hair and use a PAPR system?

If a PAPR is combined with a PAPR hood, even those with moderate to heavy facial hair can get excellent protection from threats. When used with a regular gas mask, the rule about keeping facial hair trimmed so it doesn't interfere with the mask seal is still important.

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