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Creating the Perfect Bug Out Emergency Plan


How am I supposed to keep track of everything in my survival plan?

Organization is important but so is security. Some people are fine with writing down a plan and keeping copies where family members can reach them. You can write out plans leaving out some basic info that everyone can remember. For example, you don’t necessarily have to give directions to a bug out location if everyone is aware that it is your weekend cabin.

As far as knowing where cache’s are, some people prefer to use GPS marking points while others keep paper maps with locations marked. It really all depends on the level of privacy and security you desire and how good your memory tends to be.

So my family practiced our bug out plan and some of us did really bad! What now?

This is why you practice. Discuss what went wrong and how to improve. Do not be overly negative or harsh. It is very important to highlight what went right too! Offer praise and constructive criticism and then try again.

Who should I tell?

Honestly, the only people that should know about your bug out plan are those that you trust with the safety of your family and those that you won’t get mad at for showing up asking for help. How much you share with others is up to you. Keep in mind that once you are safe you can try to find ways to let others know that everyone is ok.

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