Prepping 101

Prepping 101 – The Definitive Guide to Mastering Preparedness

Pro Tip

The average family only has three to five days worth of food in the house. The average supermarket only has three days worth of food on the shelves. This means it only takes a week after a disaster hits for people to become desperate. If the supply chains are not reinstated in that time, people start doing desperate things.

Don’t overestimate your abilities

If you plan on roughing it in the woods, then gain the skills now. Humans are notorious for not accepting their own limitations. Physical fitness and gaining skills are two of the most overlooked aspects of prepping.


What if I am not able to bug out? What do I do?

First of all, you are not alone. In a lot of situations, the best choice is to stay at home. Of course this requires having a good supply of food, medicine, and other essentials for your family. If you are just getting started on a path to preparedness, try to have at least enough essentials on hand for 2-4 weeks. Over time you can build up additional supplies.

I don’t have a lot of space to store items. Can I still be prepared?

Yes! While it may seem like a lot of people in the preparedness community have a lot of fancy gear, not all of it is necessary. A few month’s worth of freeze dried food for your family can fit in a few 5 gallon buckets that you can store in a closet. A water filter for your family can fit in a shoebox sized storage container. If you are short on space, concentrate on the basics first and then add things as your space and budget allows.

How do I plan for my pets?

Bugging out with a dog or cat can present some challenges. If you are just traveling to another location then you may just need to pack some food and any medications they need. Make sure you have a good pet carrier for any animals you plan on taking with you. Bugging out into the woods for more than a few days is not realistic for most. Food is heavy and pets cannot carry enough of their own food to last very long.

For bugging in at home, always have a month’s worth of food for your pet. Food can get scarce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some pet foods were impossible to find for a short time.

MEET Roman Zrazhevskiy

Roman is a notable figure in the sphere of emergency preparedness and has been featured in various news broadcasts, publications, and documentaries to weigh in on the subject. He has made multiple appearances on HBO, BBC, CBS, and other media outlets to provide insight on the critical importance of readiness under all circumstances. When he is not hard at work being the CEO of Ready To Go Survival and MIRA Safety, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, shooting, handball, and scaring his neighbors by taking out the trash in full MOPP gear.

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