Dental First Aid Kit – Adventure Medical Kits

Dental First Aid Kit – Adventure Medical Kits


  • Can temporarily repair broken crowns or cavities with filling mixture
  • Lightweight and compact size makes it easy to stash anywhere
  • Included manual takes the fear out of dental pain by explaining how to manage emergencies
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If you’ve experienced any kind of dental injury or comfort then you know that pain is something you won’t want to deal with when help might be miles away. While daily dental hygiene can prevent cavities and other standard issues, what happens if you get an infection or lose a filling? You’ll need much more than a toothbrush and dental floss. That’s where this handy dental first aid kit comes to the rescue.

Dental First Aid Kit

No one expects a dental emergency to happen, which is what makes it so disastrous. And there’s no pain quite like dental pain. So what do you bring? Since you’re not quite sure what could happen, it’s easy to stuff your bags when packing an emergency kit yourself. More often than not, you probably still won’t have the supplies you need should something occur. This handy dental first aid kit comes with almost everything you’ll need in a travel sized package. It even comes with a handy guide on how to manage and treat various emergencies. Of course, like all first aid kits, the treatments are basic and are meant to last until you can reach a medical professional. Still, the temporary fix could be the difference between a great vacation and a pain-filled one.

What makes this dental first aid kit so appealing is its small weight and size. You can stash this in your suitcase, medicine cabinet or bug-out bag. The Dryflex bag barely weights anything and waterproofs your supplies to boot. With that said, the opaque bag might make it difficult to find supplies. Once you open the kit, consider transferring the leftover supplies into a Ziploc or other clear, resealable bag. You’ll also want to supplement the kit once you do use the supplies as it’s really a one-time use kit for a single person. Still, it’s an excellent starting point, and once you know what items you’ll likely need, you can always spring for something slightly larger.

Learn more about the dental first aid kit in the video below:

Dental First Aid Kit Features:

  • Temporarily repair broken crowns or fillings with wax or filling mixture
  • Easily manage and treat emergencies with handy guide
  • Ease tooth pain with tea bag or Orasol gel

Dental First Aid Kit Includes:

  • 3 toothpicks
  • 1 dental floss
  • 5 cotton rolls
  • 5 cotton pellets
  • 1 natural pekoe tea bag
  • 2 Orasol gel
  • 1 temporary cavity filling mixture
  • 1 dental wax temporary filling
  • Instruction manual

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