Gluten Free Emergency Food 84 Serving (Basic Kit) – Wise Food

Gluten Free Emergency Food 84 Serving (Basic Kit) – Wise Food


  • Emergency food storage with a 25 year shelf life
  • Will feed 1 adult for 30 days
  • Tasty addition to your survival kit
  • Just add hot water to prepare
  • Take them on camping trips, backpacking, or buy a few for long term food storage.
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Stocking up on foods in the event of an emergency is always a good idea. For gluten allergy sufferers, they often feel as though they have no options. The Gluten Free Emergency Food 84 Serving (Basic Kit) – Wise Food, ensures even those with gluten allergies or sensitivities can start stocking up.

Water is a must have in a survival situation. Canned foods are also added to the list of necessities for those preparing for survival. Foods like canned beans and soup that have a long shelf life. For those with gluten allergies, these foods can cause issues. When surviving, any food is appreciated and needed to ensure your health. This kit ensures those with gluten sensitivities can eat with ease. And for those who suffer with gluten intolerance, pain is what they will experience if they are not properly fed.

Included in the Gluten Free Emergency Food Kit:

Inside the Gluten Free Emergency Food 84 Serving (Basic Kit) – Wise Food, there are two large buckets. One bucket has 120 servings of whey milk. This is easy to use and mixes with water to produce milk to drink or use in a matter of minutes. The other bucket will include:

  • 12 servings of Teriyaki and Rice
  • 16 servings of Loaded Baked Potato Casserole
  • 16 Servings of Tomato Basil Soup
  • 12 Servings of Potatoes and Chicken Flavored Pot Pie
  • 28 Servings of Creamy Yogurt Style

Survival in Mind

The Gluten Free Emergency Food 84 Serving (Basic Kit) – Wise Food can be used for camping and outdoor activities. But, the main goal with this kit is surviving:

  • The entire kit has a 25-year shelf life
  • Each bucket has an easy to use and carry handle
  • All food is sealed in Mylar pouches for freshness
  • The buckets are easy to store on floors or shelves
  • With the storage, food is protected from the elements

This basic kit has each pouch containing four servings, to ensure that waste is not an issue. The kit will not take up much room or add weight to your haul. It weighs 8 pounds, making it an easy addition to your stockpile.

For those who suffer with gluten intolerance, this kit will give them the calorie count to survive. And you will find that taste wise, it is right up there with other foods that you may eat. Granted, this is survival food, that does not mean you must forego on the taste and enjoyment of the food.

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