Gluten Free Freeze Dried Food 84 Serving (Breakfast & Entree ) – Wise Food

Gluten Free Freeze Dried Food 84 Serving (Breakfast & Entree ) – Wise Food


  • Will feed 1 adult for 30 days
  • Just add hot water to prepare
  • Take them on camping trips, backpacking, or buy a few for long term food storage.
  • Never worry about gluten contamination during emergencies or camping trips again!
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There’s nothing worse than being unprepared in case of emergencies. Finding edible and tasty emergency food becomes even more difficult when you have celiac or gluten sensitivity. Luckily Wise Company offers their own brand of gluten free freeze dried food. Now you don’t have to worry about choose between going hungry or gastrointestinal issues.

Gluten Free Freeze Dried Food

You don’t have to sacrifice taste or food choice just because you’re getting gluten free freeze dried food. With this useful bucket, you get 56 entree servings and 28 servings of yogurt. That’s just about enough food to last a single person 30 days. Of course if you have more than one person in your household, you’ll want to adjust accordingly and have a couple buckets on hand just in case. Unlike cans which only last a few years, the gluten free freeze dried food can last up to 25 years. Even better, you don’t have to worry about botulism! And since the containers stack together, your emergency food won’t take up too much room in your house.

Of course you don’t have to limit these pouches to only emergencies. If you’re a camper, these meals are a perfect sources of calories and nutrients. And they’re small enough that you don’t have to allot additional space in your bag to bring them with you. Plus you can travel easy knowing that you won’t have to deal with any issues from accidentally ingesting gluten.

Just remember to keep a close eye on the contents of your bucket. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared during an emergency. If you plan on using the gluten free freeze dried food for camping trips, you may want to have a few buckets on hand. This way you can set aside one or two buckets specifically for emergency purposes.

Emergency Food Storage Details:

  • Includes 1 total bucket
  • Food is safely sealed in Mylar pouches
  • To avoid waste, each pouch conveniently contains 4 servings
  • Lock-in stacking buckets for compact and secure storage without the need of shelving
  • Grab-and-go handles for easy transport in an emergency
  • 25 year shelf life

What’s included in this kit?

  • Teriyaki and Rice (12 Servings)
  • Loaded Baked Potato Casserole (16 Servings)
  • Tomato Basil Soup (16 Servings)
  • Potatoes and Chicken Flavored Pot Pie (12 Servings)
  • Creamy Yogurt Style (28 Servings)

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 14 in


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