MIRA Safety CM-6M CBRN Tactical Gas Mask

MIRA Safety CM-6M CBRN Tactical Gas Mask


  • OPTIMAL PROTECTION AGAINST MOST THREATS: Protect your eyes, face and breathing organs against nuclear, biological, radiological agents, chemicals, harmful components, gases, vapors, solid or liquid aerosols and more. 
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: The MIRA Safety air purifying gas masks are used by military and law enforcement in many countries, including: Czech Republic, Norway, Portugal, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon and many others.
  • VERSATILE: They are ideal for personal and professional use, the army, police squads, military forces, riot control units, rescue teams, firefighters, industrial applications, lab experiments, fires, natural disasters or even pandemics. 
  • WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN: Unlike other gas masks that are made of regular Butyl, this emergency mask is crafted from high quality Bromobutyl rubber. Ready to stand some heavy use. Ready to last.
  • ERGONOMICS MEET COMFORT: The premium MIRA mask is ergonomically designed, has a wide 180° wide view visor, a clever air flow to prevent misting, a sweat drainage system and a quality built in speech diaphragm for hassle-free communication.
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Stay Safe and Protected With the MIRA Safety CM-6M CBRN Tactical Gas Mask! Comes with pre-installed DRINKING SYSTEM and canteen.

We know… Gas masks are often associated with chaos, terror, mass destruction, war, emergencies and military forces.
Yet, if you are on the hunt for the most reliable, trustworthy and protective emergency tactical respirator then you should end your search here, with the MIRA Safety tactical gas mask.

Being certified with EN 136, our military grade masks can be used for personal and professional use. They are tested, trusted and used by the military forces and the police all around the world. Feel safe and sound knowing that this survival mask will clear the air you breathe and protect your loved ones no matter what it going on out there.

Access To Clean Air On The Spot! 

Our full face gas masks are extremely easy to wear. Adjust the size to your needs to achieve a comfy fit around your head and off you go. Great for those wearing glasses and compatible with helmets and breathing apparatuses as well.


The MIRA Safety CM-6M military gas mask is made of premium quality Bromobutyl rubber (BIIR) and has excellent craftsmanship. Bromobutyl, which is far better than regular Butyl improves ozone, environmental and chemical resistance and thermal stability at elevated temperatures. This emergency rubber mask responds to CBRN requirements as well.

This gas mask is perfect for…
✔ Military forces
✔ Riot control units
✔ Army
✔ Police squads
✔ Firefighters
✔ Rescue teams
✔ Civil defence
✔ Industrial applications
✔ Lab experiments

Prepare yourself for the worst disasters that might come. Even if we are talking about a chemical or nuclear attack. Prepare yourself with a MIRA emergency tactical gas mask. Wear this gas mask in a case of fire, natural disasters, pandemics and other events.

Chance Favors the Well Prepared!

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