SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 1 (Jan 3rd, 2017)

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Over the last week, tensions with Russia intensified as the U.S expelled 35 diplomats with only 72 hours to leave the country. U.S/Israeli relations become shaky as Netanyahu claims the State Department is paying lip service to terrorists.

Here’s a breakdown of this week’s Extreme Global Events video:

  • U.S expels 35 Russian diplomats
  • Russian Foreign Ministry says it will respond to U.S hostile steps
  • Egypt prints transcript proving U.S/Palestinian collusion against Israel
  • Trump tells Israel to “stay strong” – The 20th of January is approaching
  • Netanyahu scolds Kerry for paying lip service to terrorism
  • 39 dead from NYE nightclub attack in Turkey
  • Rome lacks shelters and reception centers as more refugees flood in
  • Homeless Iranians find shelter from the cold in empty graves
  • Migrants storm border fence in Spanish enclave
  • Ukrainian nationalists hold torchlit match to honor Nazi collaborator
  • Thousands protesting in Hong Kong demanding direct elections
  • Riot police clash with protestors in Poland amid anti-foreigner sentiment
  • Hundreds of North African men detained in Cologne on New Years Eve
  • 3 new cases of Bird Flu in Poland
  • Canada’s fishermen look to save endangered Killer Whale
  • Belize villagers farming seaweed to prevent over-fishing
  • Massive flooding caused by torrential downpours in Bolivia
  • Companies race to mine asteroids in 2017

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