SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 5 (Mar 17th, 2017)

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On this episode of SHTF News, US officials release hundreds of declassified videos showing the destructive horrors of nuclear weapons, protests rage worldwide, and your home TV may be spying on you.

Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video:
00:00 – Nuclear weapons test film is declassified
01:01 – German top diplomat warns about new arms race
02:26 – Hundreds of thousands face urban warfare in Mosul
04:03 – Mosul museum left in ruins
04:57 – Syrian crisis worst man-made disaster since WWII
06:17 – Homemade device explodes at IMF Paris HQ
07:02 – Greek militants send parcel bomb to German ministry
07:33 – Huge cache of weapons destined for terrorist groups seized in Spain
08:04 – South Korean place clash with protesters
08:33 – Relations between Turkey and The Netherlands are on shaky ground
09:47 – Clashes between protesters and riot police in Georgia
10:46 – Thousands taking to the streets of Brazil in protest of pension reforms
11:44 – Bangladesh police fire tear gas as energy hike protests turn violent
12:16 – Volcanic explosion on Mt. Etna injures 10
13:02 – UN warns of massive famine crisis
13:36 – California fault line capable of 7.4 earthquake
14:48 – Brazil’s worst environmental disaster
15:50 – Peru floods put thousands in danger
16:53 – Wikileaks published Vault 7 files
17:24 – Is your TV spying on you?
19:11 – 2 Russian spies indicted for hacking Yahoo accounts
20:22 – Federal judge in Hawaii issues emergency fault to Trump travel ban
21:48 – Rare wild antelope faces extinction in Mongolia
22:24 – Great Barrier Reef shows “mass coral bleaching”
22:57 – Hundreds stranded in Berlin due to airport workers strike

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