SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 6 (April 14th, 2017)

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On this episode of SHTF News, world superpowers react to the chemical attack in Syria.  Meanwhile, North Korea is shaking it’s stick, claiming any provocation would lead to “devastating consequences.”

Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video:

00:00 – Haley US is ‘prepared to do more’ about Syria
01:46 – Putin “Syria chemical incident possibly a set-up”
03:09 – Moscow envoy chides UK counterpart at UNSC meeting
04:08 – Disturbing images of Syria chemical attack
05:05 – US retaliates for Syrian chemical attack
06:04 – Russia sends frigates to Syria’s Tartus
06:35 – Russia calls U.S. strikes ‘act of aggression’
07:33 – N. Korea fires another ballistic missile
08:24 – N. Korea warns of disastrous consequences if US continues provocation
09:35 – Stockholm lorry rams crowds killing several people
10:08 – Egypt declares state of emergency after Coptic Church bombings
11:37 – Elementary school shooting in San Bernardino
12:41 – Hundreds of migrants rescued at sea by humanitarian groups
13:17 – France in a race against time to find accommodations for 1400 migrants
14:22 – France fire ravages refugee camp near Dunkirk
15:47 – Venezuela Anti- government protests
17:01 – Why are thousands of young Serbs are so angry
18:23 – Violence and protests break out in Buenos Aires
18:48 – Protests in French Guyana over underinvestment in territory
19:15 – Dozens of protesters clash with police in Italy over G7 talks in Italy
20:13 – Brazilian Supreme Court judge places dozens of politicians under formal investigation for bribery
21:05 – Libor Bank of England implicated in corruption recording
22:50 – Death toll in Columbian landslide rises to 290
23:50 – Powerful cyclone sweeps across Australia east coast
25:08 – Artificial life spawns billion-dollar industry
27:05 – Hitachi reveals AI security software raising privacy concerns
28:18 – How robots and humans can peacefully coexist
29:34 – Great Barrier Reef 2_3 damaged in ‘unprecedented’ bleaching
30:31 – Last surviving animals of Mosul Zoo get a new lease on life

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