SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 7 (June 8th, 2017)

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On this episode of SHTF News, NOAA and FEMA warn Americans to prepare for a tough hurricane season. Terror strikes sweep through Europe and the Middle East, and President Putin opens up about his thoughts on American media.

Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video:

00:00 – NOAA, FEMA prepare for tough hurricane season
01:15 – Massive Calif. landslide could close iconic highway for a year
01:57 – State of emergency declared for Louisiana’s coastal land
02:51 – Sri Lanka calls for international aid as floods kill 122
03:40 – Yemen facing an ‘unprecedented’ outbreak of cholera – BBC News
04:28 – Russia Number of people killed in Moscow’s storm rises to 16
06:01 – Venezuelans protest over food shortages and inflation
06:38 – Venezuela crisis – Senior citizens hit the worst
07:32 – Evacuation centers packed as fighting continues in southern Philippines
08:37 – Brazil violence Murders on the rise in Rio de Janeiro
09:51 – Shots ring out at an entertainment resort in Manilla
11:04 – France launches counter-terrorism investigation after Notre Dame Attack
12:31 – Deadly car bombs hit Ramadan crowds in Baghdad
13:15 – Iran attacks Twelve dead in twin attacks – BBC News
14:14 – Tariq Ramadan Wrong to say London attack ‘has nothing to do with Islam’ BBC News
16:15 – UN Security Council warns of Yemen humanitarian crisis
16:59 – Would-be bomber carried off Malaysian Airlines flight by authorities
17:44 – London Attacks “I reported attacker but they didn’t get back to me”
19:32 – Mosul civilians run for their lives
20:31 – U.S. Government Officials Fear North Korea Missile Advances
21:19 – U.S House of Representatives calls for criminal charges on Turkish President
21:58 – Putin hackers could be American
22:28 – ‘Amazing you created sensation out of nothing to fight president’ – Putin to US media
24:54 – NSA leaker’s arrest highlights printer tracking
25:52 – Doggie Hot Wheels Taiwan man makes wheelchairs for dogs

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