SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 8 (June 22nd, 2017)

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This week on SHTF News, Russia sends a grave warning to the U.S, threatening to shoot down American fighter jets in retaliation for downed Syrian jet. Wildfires and torrential rainfall sweep through several countries, collapsing building and causing thousands to evacuate.

Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video:

00:00 – Russia sends warning that U.S aircraft to be viewed as targets after Syrian fighter downed
01:05 – US Tightening Of Sanctions Causes Russia To Cancel Talks
02:46 – U.S. blames North Korea for spree of global hacking
04:00 – Portugal Fire Dozens killed as massive blaze traps people
05:06 – Torrential rainfall claims several lives in South Central Chile
05:37 – 7 story building collapses in Kenya due to rainfall
06:12 – Scores killed in Bangladesh landslides after heavy rain
07:01 – Powerful earthquake rattles Greece, Turkey
07:38 – Terror attempt thwarted in Brussels subway station
09:16 – Venezuela’s ongoing battle against hunger – BBC News
11:18 – Desperate journeys For refugees in Europe, daily life is a nightmare
13:03 – Greece urged to not send refugees back to Turkey
13:55 – Van driver killed after migrants block motorway in France
14:37 – Hezbollah Supporters Clash With Israel Activists in London
16:19 – Amazon dams could harm the rainforest
17:28 – Shell, BP and Exxon want a tax on CO2 emissions
18:20 – How secure is Greece’s latest credit lifeline
20:01 – Strange mummy found with un-human characteristics in Peru

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