SHTF News – Chapter 1 Edition 9 (July 7th, 2017)

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This week on SHTF News, wildfires and tornadoes sweep through the Midwest, North Korea tests it’s first successful ICBM, and China warns the U.S to stay away from their islands in the South China Sea.

Here’s a breakdown of this week’s SHTF News video:

00:00 – Dozens of tornadoes sweep across Midwest
00:15 – Fast-moving wildfires rage in western U.S
01:17 – China floods Dozens killed, more than a million evacuated – BBC News
01:43 – Landslide kills three people in China
02:22 – At least 100 people shot in Chicago over holiday
03:18 – Authorities in Hamburg, Germany, brace themselves for violent G20 protests
03:46 – G20 summit Protesters and police clash in Hamburg
04:14 – Violent protests break out in Buenos Aires
05:03 – Venezuela On The Edge Maduro supporters storm assembly building
05:51 – Yemen hospital battles world’s worst cholera outbreak – BBC News
06:45 – Lebanon Child killed as fire destroys Syrian refugee camp
07:33 – World chemical agent watchdog confirms that sarin gas was used in Syria
07:57 – China calls U.S warship sailing close to disputed islands “serious provocation”
08:48 – US threatens use of military force against North Korea
09:56 – Kim Jong-un calls missile test ‘gift to America’
11:01 – U.S to sell $1.4B arms package to Taiwan
12:15 – U.S unveils enhanced security measures for people carrying electronics on flights
13:16 – Drones A speedy solution for reforestation

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