SHTF Gear and Supplies To Survive TEOTWAWKI

Pro Tip

The food you have put back for emergencies does not all have to be expensive food that is packaged to last for 25 years. Think of your emergency food supply in terms of short, moderate, and very long term. One good example of an excellent short term food to put back is peanut butter. It may not last for more than a year or two in your pantry but you get a lot of protein and calories for your money.

Pro Tip

Condiments like ketchup take up a lot of storage space and have a limited shelf life. Learn how to make your own version using dry ingredients and shelf stable liquids such as vinegar and honey. A #10 can of Augason tomato powder has a 25 year shelf life and will stay good for over a year when opened. You can make a lot of sauces and condiments with that much tomato powder.


That is a long list. I am just getting started on a path to preparedness. What should I stock up on first?

  • Good water filter and storage containers
  • Food for 2-4 weeks
  • Medical Supplies
  • Pet and Livestock Feed
  • Hygiene and bathroom supplies
  • Battery banks and solar
  • Garden seeds

I cannot bug out with all this! Where can I find a bug out bag list?

Check out this article for the most complete bug out bag list out there!

How long of an emergency should I plan for?

Most of the disasters people experience in a lifetime last just a few days to several weeks. Preparing for longer events is something more people are doing but it can seem overwhelming to those just getting started in the world of preparedness. The most important thing is to do what you can to be prepared for the most likely events in your area. During a real TEOTWAWKI situation, everyone will eventually be struggling to adapt to the new reality.

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