A butane torch lighter delivers a larger and more powerful flame than your typical lighter. This is handy when starting a fire under less than ideal circumstances or for heating something up for a specific task.

This article highlights some standout butane torch lighters that are currently available.

Why choose a torch lighter?

  • Reliable
  • Refillable
  • Large flame
  • Easy to get a flame

1. Cobber Torch Lighter

This is a sleek-looking quad-flame torch lighter. An easy to read fuel window on the side lets you know when a refill is needed. The flip-top lid keeps debris out of the lighter. No more lint clogging the fuel tube.

This butane torch lighter has a red flame that is visible 2-3 seconds after ignition. This is achieved through color burners. Why is this important? Because many lighters have a flame that is invisible in daylight. That can lead to mistakes and burns.

2. Mantello Catador Triple Flame Lighter

The Mantello is classy looking and offers the flame you need for a variety of tasks. This triple-flame lighter is windproof with an adjustable gas flow.

If you like a good cigar once in a while, it has a built-in cutter. This is the lighter you need to keep next to your humidor!

The Mantello Catador has a cap over the burner for protection when not in use.

3. Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Torch Lighter

My brother gave my father a lighter like this more than 20 years ago, and it still works. It might be this brand. When I see the design of this torch lighter, I feel confident it will be reliable and last a long time.

The fuel tank makes it easy to see how much fluid you have left.

A quartz-powered dual-ignition system offers a fast and powerful flame with just a push. The Vertigo offers three windproof flames. This lighter comes in a handy two-pack at a great price, so you can stash them in your bug-out bag.

4. Soto Pocket Torch XT

The Soto Pocket Torch XT is unique because it features a telescoping burner. If you tend to scorch your fingers when lighting fires with standard lighters, some extra reach can prevent that. The telescoping action also makes it easy to light candles or lamps.

This pocket torch is excellent for starting fires under windy conditions. The strong flame reaches up to 2300°F. The Soto is made in Japan and comes with a tank of butane, but you can refill it using any standard butane. It comes with a special attachment for a butane bottle to facilitate refilling.

5. Guevara Cigar Torch Lighter

This cigar torch features a double flame that is easily adjustable via a slotted notch on the bottom of the lighter. A coin or small screwdriver is required to make any adjustments. Refilling the Guevara is fast and easy. Make sure all of the fuel is gone, refill with a standard butane bottle, and wait 2-3 minutes.

With just a push, the lid flicks up and you have a strong double flame almost instantly. The windproof flames are just what you need to quickly get a fire going.

6. Ronson Jetlite

While Ronson may not be as well-known as Zippo, they have been around a long time. This affordable Ronson offers a slim design in multiple colors. Customers report that the lighter is tough enough to survive being dropped more than once. The flame is windproof and reliable.

The Ronson Jetlite is easy to refill with standard butane.

7. Kollea Torch Lighter

This lighter makes the list because of its offset flame. Some may find they like this style better than the typical top flame. The Kollea provides three powerful flames at the touch of a button.

It features a safety lock to prevent accidents.

If you enjoy the occasional cigar, you’ll enjoy the retractable punch cutter at the bottom.

This windproof lighter is very easy to refill with a standard butane canister.


Some lighters are shipped without fuel to meet post office shipping guidelines. Lighters with fuel must be shipped via ground transportation. The same is true for butane. Be prepared to wait longer than usual for your order to arrive. Always buy an extra container of butane if you don’t already have some on hand.

Always have a secondary fire starting method.

Although I think lighters are the way to go for starting fires, you also need a secondary method. As a prepared person, you must think about a backup for your more important survival tools.

Here are some of the other fire-starting methods you should consider having. All of them are low cost.

  • Strike anywhere matches
  • Waterproof matches
  • A good ferro rod and striker
  • Fire piston (Fire pistons are not for everyone. They require quite a bit of practice and some hand strength.)

Know how to use your backup method.

There are many videos showing alternative fire-starting methods that make it look easy. The truth of the matter is that it is not. It takes practice to use ferro rods and fire pistons. In addition, not all ferro rods and pistons are of the same quality.

I have a ferro rod or two. There’s a big difference between trying to start a fire with the quality one and the budget one. Cheap alternative fire starters often result in frustration.

I recommend the Fire Fast Firesteel. It’s made in the USA, comes in several sizes, and doesn’t take much practice to master. I got a fire going within minutes, and I am by no means great at getting fires started.


Lighters are a fun and functional piece of survival gear. It’s important to have a variety of fire-starting methods. 

Torch lighters are great for getting a very hot and powerful flame. They also burn more butane than a standard lighter. Disposable lighters are good to have, but you should also have something refillable. Butane is inexpensive and stores well.