The Ideal Plate Carrier Setup

Pro Tip

The first bulletproof vest was invented by a Marine that owned a pizzeria. Richard Davis was inspired to invent a bulletproof Kevlar vest after he was delivering a pizza and shot. During testing he shot himself 190 times.

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Practice and Improve

Getting a great plate carrier setup is not always as easy as buying a few things and putting them together. You need to wear your carrier and plates and see how you do. Try wearing it on a hike and see how it feels. Does it rub? Is it too big or small? If a carrier is uncomfortable on a short hike, then it’s not going to be any better if you need to wear it for an extended period of time. Keep in mind that it may take some time to get used to the weight itself.


Is body armor legal in all 50 states?

At the moment it is legal to own and wear body armor with just a few exceptions. For example, many states prohibit convicted felons from wearing armor. Here is a link to body armor laws by state that you can refer to . At the moment there is an effort to change laws in some areas so you may want to check up on the rules occasionally.

Will body armor protect you from knife attacks?

Some armor will protect you against knife attacks. Hard plates provide some protection regardless of what rating they have. Soft plates may not provide as much protection as you might think. Look at the specs on any armor you buy to see if it is listed as providing protection against sharp objects. Do not assume you are protected. If armor doesn’t say it provides any protection, assume that you will need something else to protect against stabbing.

Can body armor be worn to school?

At the moment there are no laws prohibiting wearing body armor to school. If you wear the type that is easy to conceal, it is likely no one will ever know anyway. Many parents choose to get their kids bulletproof backpacks. Body armor can be very heavy so it is not realistic for some people to wear especially if they are doing any physical education classes.

Does body armor expire?

Body armor does have an expiration date but that doesn’t mean it will not provide any protection after that time. Typically body armor has an expiration date of 5-10 years after production. This date is put on there because basic wear and tear as well as exposure to UV light can weaken panels. If you keep armor stored well and clean it will stay stronger for longer. If you wear it every day then you may want to replace it not too long after it expires.

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