Top 4 Tactical Handgun Safes


  • Quick 1-second access using the biometric print option
  • Pry-proof door
  • Large capacity to hold multiple handguns
  • DOJ certified
  • Pre-drilled holes and hardware for floor mounting


  • Fits only 1–2 handguns; some room for clips
  • Uses 4 AA batteries


  • Safely stores up to 8 handguns
  • Made of 14g steel with a 12g steel door
  • Quick access
  • Can store up to 20 unique fingerprints
  • Optional dual-entry security mode for maximum security, when required
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi options for those that want smart technology management options


  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capability opens you up to the possibility of hacking or ransomware attacks
  • Not as portable as smaller safes
  • More expensive than smaller safes
  • Requires charging via USB every 3–4 months


  • Simple and basic design
  • Affordable
  • Made in the USA
  • Does not rely on batteries or electronics
  • Easy to reach buttons
  • Mountable in a variety of concealed locations


  • Made to mount; not designed for portability
  • As it weighs 21 lbs., must be mounted to something fairly sturdy
  • No light
  • Only uses a Simplex lock combination; no additional locking mechanisms
  • Slower to open than biometric safes
  • Not fireproof


  • Easy to mount
  • Biometric, combination, and key access options
  • Allows fast access to a single handgun
  • Mounts well on a wall, desk, or nightstand
  • Affordable
  • Can store up to 50 fingerprints
  • Low battery warning


  • Not portable
  • Only stores a single handgun
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries
  • Not a lot of room for accessories


Do I really need a handgun safe?

Typically, you are legally responsible for securing your firearm. If you live alone and don't have kids around, you may get away with leaving a firearm unsecured most of the time. However, if you have guests or work away from home, it's a good idea to secure your firearm. Even kids who are fairly comfortable around firearms and know the dangers can make mistakes. The best way to prevent a tragedy is to keep guns secure when children or others who are not aware of the dangers are around. The most basic safes cost under $100. That's not much to prevent a terrible tragedy and substantial legal ramifications in most cases.

Why do handgun safes vary so much in cost?

You may notice when researching handgun safes that even for two safes that look almost identical, their prices are substantially different. The thickness and type of metal used for various parts of the safe and the number of security features cause wide variations in price. To some degree, you get what you pay for. However, the price is also determined by where the safe was manufactured. A safe made in the USA or Europe, for example, costs more than a lot of the safes made in Asia. A fireproof safe generally costs more than a comparable safe designed merely to keep people out. When choosing the best safe for you, consider what features are worth paying for. You may find that a simpler safe made in the USA makes more sense than a safe with a lot of high-tech features or extra storage capacity.

What size handgun safe should I buy?

If you really just need a safe place to keep a single personal protection firearm, there's no use paying for a larger handgun safe unless you plan to expand your collection soon. Even if you have other guns, a safe for a single gun is easier to conceal next to your bed or in your vehicle. Any safe will be heavier than it looks because it has to be made with materials that can withstand prying and other abuse. For new handgun owners, a small safe is probably best. Remember that a single gun safe is really handy and doesn’t have to cost a lot to be effective. Over time, many handgun owners find that owning several safes with varying capacities works best. Of course, if you want some space to store other valuables or extra ammo, consider that when making a final purchase decision. Always look carefully at the interior dimensions of a safe before purchasing. It's important to verify that it will fit what you want to store, especially if you have a larger handgun or will store the handgun in a case.

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