Ultimate Fall and Winter Preparedness Checklist

Pro Tip

Chimneys can accumulate a lot of creosote during the winter months. Set a reminder to look up your chimney with a flashlight every few months. A good time to do this is when you are cleaning out the ashes.

Pro Tip

If you have a small dog or just a few cats, you may want to buy larger bags of their food and vacuum seal it into smaller portions to extend the shelf life.


What basics should I have on hand for a winter storm?

  • Food and water for 3-5 days
  • minimum
  • Medications
  • Pet Foods
  • Small backup power source so you can keep your cell phone charged
  • Warm clothing
  • Blankets
  • Something for entertainment
  • Emergency radio

What is the best way to stay warm if I have no source of heat?

If you don’t have backup heat, emergency blankets are an affordable choice that can help out. Wear a lot of layers of clothing. Don’t forget to wear a hat. Gathering everyone in your home into 1-2 rooms and closing any adjoining doors can help.

You can set up a tent inside your home and stay in that. It is much easier to stay warm inside a tent in an unheated home than just sitting in a room with a blanket. Now would also be a good time to get out any sleeping bags or camping pads. Cuddling with loved ones will help out too.

How can I safely cook if the power is out?

If you have a gas stove you may be able to use a lighter to ignite stove eyes but you will not be able to use your oven. A lot of people use their gas powered grills outside to cook during power outages. Never use a gas grill inside! Of course you can use a wood stove to cook on if the power is out or even build a fire outside. Small camp stoves can be used outside as well. Sterno cans are ok to use inside to heat up pots of food.

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