Best Concealed Carry Revolvers of 2022


  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Considered safer than semiautomatics by many
  • Low maintenance, especially stainless-steel versions
  • Good choice for a reliable backup gun


  • Limited ammo capacity
  • Heavy for the amount of ammo available
  • Fewer models available compared with semiautomatics
  • Can be more expensive


What's the best caliber for a concealed carry revolver?

The most popular choice is .357 because it's a great balance between knockdown power and size. As a result, ammunition is typically easy to find compared with other calibers. A revolver chambered in .357 can also fire .38 Special ammunition. If you have a semiautomatic handgun, it may be best to choose a revolver that takes the same ammunition. Having a secondary gun that shares ammo is common among security and law enforcement personnel.

Do revolvers have a safety?

Most revolvers do not have a safety. The heavy trigger pull is considered the major safety feature. Some revolvers, such as the Taurus 856, have a locking feature that prevents the gun from firing.

Do revolvers require any special maintenance?

No. One of the great things about revolvers is that they're very low maintenance guns. Basic cleaning after firing is recommended. A thin coating of gun oil will help prevent rust while your gun is stored.

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