Putting Together the Ultimate Bug Out Trailer

Pro Tip

Airstream is the only travel trailer company to survive the Great Depression. Due to rationing it was hard to get the aluminum needed to make trailers. Out of over 400 manufacturers, Airstream is the only one still on the market.

How much water should you drink per day?

According to Webmd , you should drink 0.5-1 oz of water per lb of body weight each day. Under extreme circumstances you may need more.


So I am bugging out in my trailer. Where can I park it and stay?

This is a tough question. If you are just trying to get out a certain area and don’t mind a few others knowing where you are then staying at an RV campground or even a KOA may be an option. If you really want to get off the beaten path a bit you may want to take a look at maps in your area that show Forest Service Roads or remote wilderness areas where it is unlikely you will be bothered.

Make sure to take care when traveling down any roads without knowing their condition. Just because your truck is capable doesn’t mean a trailer will do well. Go slowly and don’t push it. You do not want to get stuck somewhere without any help during a SHTF situation.

I have kids. How can I make camper living easier on them?

Kids need something to keep them from getting bored. What you can provide depends on the situation. Toys, electronic entertainment, and outdoor games are all options. Also be sure to include kids in things that need done at camp. Now is a great time to learn new skills and practice old ones.

Consider going on some trips with kids before it is is a bug out situation. There is no reason to not use your camper during good times. It is also gives you the opportunity to practice while not stressed so that you can see what could be improved. Better to find out something is missing now than do without later when it could make a huge difference.

Is it hard to fix up a camper that has been neglected? Should I just buy a new one?

That depends on the overall condition and your level of skill. Airstreams are almost always worth fixing up because the metal shell is made so well. Water damage and dry rotted tires are some of the most common problems with older campers. Before putting money down on a used model, make sure you do a through evaluation of the condition it is in and try to estimate the time and money it would take to fix it so you can make a reasonable offer.

Used campers can be hard to find sometimes so you may have to look at other options. A lot of people convert cargo trailers and horse trailers into their own personal bug out camper.

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