Security cameras and barbed wire to burglar proof your home

Top 7 Strategies To Burglar Proof Your Home

Some weapons are legal for kids and teens.

Kids and teens can legally carry tactical pens, pepper spray, kubatons, sling shots, stun guns, and tactical flashlights. Schools and some other facilities have policies prohibiting these items for kids and teens so although they are legal, you still need to abide by any other rules and regulations relevant to your area.

Pro Tip

Window security film can turn your windows into one way glass. Not only does window security film prevent windows from shattering into sharp shards on impact, some types will make your windows so that you can see out but people on the outside cannot see in. This makes it harder for thieves to determine if you are home or not.


When do most burglaries occur?

Burglaries often happen on weekdays when residents are at work or school.

What factors do burglars look for when deciding what house to hit?

Burglars look for a variety of features when scouting out a house. If your house is on the edge of a neighborhood and the traffic is low, it is less likely anyone will see a crime being committed. Nicer and well maintained homes point to wealth and valuables within. Vacant or vacation homes are other favorite targets of burglars.

What security system options are available to those in apartments?

A wired security system is not an option but there are plenty of wireless security system that can provide protection to your apartment when you are away. A wireless system can be taken with you if you move to another apartment so it is a good option for those that do not plan on buying a home in the near future. Check out this article for some proven wireless security options for renters.

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