Freeze-drying Food at Home

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Is a freeze dryer actually worth it for the average person?

Freeze dryers are only worth it if you make an effort to put back food. If you plan on buying a lot of freeze dried food and have some time on your hands, then it may be more cost effective to buy a freeze dryer.

Freeze dryers allow you to put more food in a smaller space and eliminate the need for refrigeration or a freezer. Freeze dryers can save a lot of time over canning foods. Sometimes canning jars and lids can be hard to find and the food you can does not have the 25 year shelf life that freeze dried food has when sealed and stored properly.

Can you freeze dry any type of food?

Yes. Any food can be freeze dried including entire meals. Freeze drying your own food allows you to design survival food menus based on your own unique dietary needs. Freeze drying allows you to safely dry eggs. A traditional dehydrator is not approved for drying eggs due to the risk of botulism. Even delicate seafoods like lobster can be freeze dried safely.

Do Harvest Right Freeze dryers have a lifetime warranty?

Harvest Right Freeze dryers manufactured after February 1, 2019 have a 3-year Limited Warranty. That being said, they have excellent customer service and it is much easier to get parts and repairs done compared to when they first started selling their products.

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