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Prepper Gear List: 26 Must-Have Items to Survive a Disaster


I am new to prepping. What skills should I learn first?

A good weekend camping trip can help get you started learning how to rough it a little more than usual. Don’t try to take on a wilderness adventure on foot if you have never even camped out at a place you can drive to. Car camping allows you to take more gear and you can practice your fire-starting skills, learn how to use your water filter, go to the bathroom in the woods, etc. If you have the time, you can practice constructing rustic shelters.

How do I learn first aid and emergency medical skills?

There are classes that you can take online or in-person that will help you gain medical skills. Youtube videos can help. Skinny Medic is a favorite among preppers. Dr. Joe and Nurse Amy Alton are the authors of “The Survival Medicine Handbook” and have a website full of resources to help you learn.

What basics do I need for a kid’s survival kit?

Your kit needs to be designed based on the age of your children but also take into consideration that they are growing fast. Here are a few items to consider. Baby formula and diapers Extra clothing they can grow into Medications Something for entertainment A pair of closed-toed shoes they can grow into.

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