Top Tactical Pens for Defense and EDC

Tactical pens are legal for kids and teens.

Many self defense items are considered off limits to kids and teens. A tactical pen is not illegal for kids or teens to carry.

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Benchmade 1100 Series Tactical Pen
Tactical Gear


at  Benchmade
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  • Highest quality materials
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Very expensive
  • Snazzy design makes it stand out more than some tactical pens
  • Not designed to break glass but reviewers say it probably would.
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Camillus Thrust Tactical Pen
Tactical Gear


at  KnifeCountry USA
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Recommended options
Recommended options


How lethal is a tactical pen?

Tactical pens are not considered lethal weapons since they are not likely to cause a fatality. That does not mean they are incapable of causing death if used with enough force, particularly if they are used on vulnerable body parts.

Are tactical pens legal?

At time of writing, tactical pens are legal in all 50 US states. Tactical pens may be taken from you before boarding an airplane but it is unlikely because they just look like a fancy pen. If you plan on traveling with a tactical pen, it is best to take a pen that looks as much like a normal pen as possible.

Why do tactical pens vary so much in cost?

More expensive tactical pens are made with higher quality materials and sometimes they are made entirely by hand. Titanium is a lightweight and strong material that increases the cost of a pen considerably. Less expensive tactical pens are machine made and usually made of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Cost is always a consideration, especially if you tend to misplace pens.

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