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Can I just use a backpack as a range bag?

A simple backpack can make an excellent range bag. There are a few things to consider before using a regular backpack. First of all there is probably not padded compartments for your pistols. This means you will need some padded handgun cases that fit inside your backpack. Tactical backpacks are great to use as range bags because they are Molle compatible so you can add a variety of pouches and holders to create a custom range bag.

What should I pack in my range bag?

Here is a list of basic items you should pack. Additional items may be needed depending on how long of a day and what specific activities you have planned. Amenities at the range you go to will also influence how you pack. • Guns • Magazines and/or clips • Targets • Ear and Eye Protection • Shooting gloves • Water and snacks • Portable gun cleaning kit • First Aid Kit

Is a locking range bag necessary?

In some states firearms legally have to be transported in a locked case. Even if it is not legally necessary in another state, it can look better if you are pulled over if you are transporting your firearms in a manner where they cannot be easily reached.

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