Raging hurricane about the hit land

The Complete Guide to Surviving any Hurricane (+Hurricane Checklist)


How strong can hurricane winds be?

Hurricanes have produced winds as high as 185 mph.

When is it safe to go back home after a hurricane?

A hurricane can cause a lot of damage to structures. Not all damage is easy to see just from a first glance. It is a good idea to wait until an area is officially deemed ok to go back in. Even after officials say it is ok you need to be careful and evaluate a structure for damage, wildlife intrusion, and general safety before entering.

When should you evacuate?

It is best to evacuate as soon as you are told to do so but at the same time, you should listen to your instincts. If everyone tries to evacuate at the same time, you could get stuck in a lot of traffic. Waiting until the last minute can mean that you have to go further to find shelter or worse, that you get stuck in the actual hurricane.

MEET Roman Zrazhevskiy

Roman is a notable figure in the sphere of emergency preparedness and has been featured in various news broadcasts, publications, and documentaries to weigh in on the subject. He has made multiple appearances on HBO, BBC, CBS, and other media outlets to provide insight on the critical importance of readiness under all circumstances. When he is not hard at work being the CEO of Ready To Go Survival and MIRA Safety, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, shooting, handball, and scaring his neighbors by taking out the trash in full MOPP gear.

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